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Contact Lenses Have Come a Long Way

Remember those old rigid contact lenses?  The ones that felt like a rock in the eye and could pop out at any moment?  We do.  We also remember a time where even the slightest astigmatism would prevent a patient from being a candidate for contact lenses.  Thankfully times are changing, and with modern technologies we are able to fit most patients comfortably with some type of contact lens.

Let’s take your standard contact lens wearers.  You now have the option of disposing of your lenses monthly, biweekly or daily.  Monthly lenses include those that require nightly removal, those that are approved for a few nights of overnight wear, and the newer addition to the contact lens world, a lens that is approved for 30 days of extended wear.  That’s right.  We now have the Air Optix Night and Day lens that is safe to wear for 30 days without removal.  Biweekly lenses are best when removed at night and must be changed every two weeks.  The newest and healthiest option for the eye is the daily lenses.  These are lenses that are made for one day of wear.  These lenses provide convenience for those patients that are on-the-go as there is no need for disinfecting lenses overnight.  Just open new packs each day you wish to wear the lenses and toss them in the trash at night.  One day lenses are a favorite among parents because of safety and convenience.   Eye infections are basically nonexistent in dailies wearers.

We also remember a time when astigmatism carried such a negative connotation that patients thought they had an eye disease.  Astigmatism merely means that the cornea is slightly misshapen, and that different powers are required to correct each curve.  Toric contact lenses are lenses that are made for patients with astigmatism.  Toric lenses are constantly changing as contact lens companies are finding better ways to provide good vision and better comfort with contact lenses.  We now have disposal options for toric lenses that include quarterly, monthly, biweekly and daily replacement.  Monthly is the most common modality although we do have a one day toric that is becoming very popular.  Quarterly lenses are reserved for those patients with so much astigmatism that they require specialty lenses.

And for those patients that require reading glasses but are tired of the hassle that comes from taking glasses on and off, we’ve got you covered.  We have several different types of bifocal and multifocal contact lenses.  With so many more technologies in development we receive a new brand basically every year.   And they just keep getting better.  This is the perfect way to be able to see the television, computer and your iPhone with the same pair of contact lenses.    So many options enable us to send most patients out the door seeing everything they need with comfortable contact lenses.  Please feel free to ask us about options that will be best for you!