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What Are Specialty Contact Lenses?

female eye closeup digitalEvery eye is not suitable for every contact lens. People with Keratoconus, corneal scarring or dry eye may likely need a different contact lens from the traditional lenses. Additionally, people with astigmatism or anyone who would like multifocal contact lenses is a perfect candidate for specialty contact lenses.

Our range of specialty contact lenses includes:


A hybrid contact lens is combination of a rigid gas permeable lens in the center, surrounded by a soft contact lens. The soft part of the lens improves comfort and helps the lens to center.


Scleral lenses get their name because they vault over the entire cornea and rest on the sclera (the white part of the eye). This larger size is a great advantage offering more stability than traditional GP lenses (they have minimal risk of dislodging from the eye), making them even more comfortable. You see, they are created to fit with little to no movement of the lens during blinking, creating optimum stability on the eye in comparison to traditional GP corneal lenses. These lenses offer the comfort of a soft lens with the benefits of a GP lens, and even more so for those with sensitive eyes or irregularly shaped corneas.


These special custom designed gas permeable lenses (with include intra-limbal, mini-scleral, and reverse geometry designs) are intended to treat corneal irregularities or high refractive errors and the smooth surface provides optimal visual acuity.


These specialty lenses are created for patients with corneal scarring, light sensitivity or opaque corneas.


Custom soft contact lenses are custom-made specifically for patients with aphakia and/or high astigmatism, pathological myopia, and high hyperopia. The best thing about Custom soft contact lenses is that they can be  made in any power and any size imaginable!

At Envision Eye Care, we only offer the best options in contact lenses with the latest technology and innovations for the best healthiest most comfortable clear vision. Contact our office today to discuss if specialty contact lenses will benefit you.