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Dr. Susan Keene Introduces the Diopsys NOVA Vision Evoked Potential Test

Diopsys NOVA Vision Evoked Potential Test At Your Cedar Bluff Eye Doctor's Office

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Diopsys Nova Patient BrochureDr. Susan Keene, optometrist in Cedar Bluff, Virginia at of Envision Eye Care is very excited to introduce to her practice the newest innovative technology for early detection of serious eye conditions such as glaucoma, multiple sclerosis and diabetic retinopathy: The Diopsys NOVA Vision Evoked Potential (VEP) Test. Early detection means early treatment, reduced damage to your vision, and improved outcome of treatment.

What is the Diopsys NOVA VEP Test?

The Diopsys NOVA VEP Test allows your optometrist to perform a painless, non-invasive vision test to gain comprehensive insight into your eye health. This information will help your doctor more accurately plan what kind of treatment, if any, you require to maintain your optimal level of vision.

The Diopsys NOVA VEP Test measures the amount of electrical activity that occurs in your eye when stimulated. When light enters your eye, it is converted into electrical signals at the retina and is transmitted to the brain for interpretation by the optic nerve. The Diopsys NOVA-VEP Test measures how strong the signal sent to your brain is and how fast it arrives from the eyes to the brain. This VEP technology allows your eye doctor access to the most accurate and efficient method of determining how your eyes communicate with your brain.

What to expect during a VEP test

Dr. Keene performs this test in her office and describes the patient experience, “The technician will start by preparing your skin to be clean of any oils or lotions so that the sensory pads can be placed in the proper places. The test will then start, and you may be asked to cover the eye not being tested. The test consists of a series of black and white patterns that will seem to flip around on the screen. Your part in the test is as simple as looking at the pattern until the test is done.” Dr. Keene may also use the Diopsys NOVA tests along with other tests to improve her sensitivity and accuracy when attempting to diagnose any eye conditions.

Even Infants Can Use the Diopsys NOVA VEP!

Dr. Keene is also a proud participant in the InfantSee® program. This is a program that offers early detection of eye problems by allowing children between ages 6 and 12 months to receive a one-time, comprehensive eye and vision assessment regardless of the family's ability to pay. Because it requires no patient input, the Diopsys NOVA VEP Test is perfect for infants and children who cannot speak yet. This is important to guarantee your child receives the most accurate results during his/her eye exam.

For more information, and to schedule your comprehensive eye exam, contact your Cedar Bluff, VA eye doctor today.