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MPOD Testing

Envision Eye Care proudly introduces the latest cutting-edge technological advance in caring for the eye health of its patients, the Quantifeye MPOD test, in our fight against ocular disease. This amazing technology helps to check your eyes' natural defenses against blue light by measuring your macular pigment (The MP in MPOD). This is a yellow colored spot found in the macula, the area of the retina responsible for your central and detail vision. Made up of two unique substances called lutein and zeaxanthin, macular pigment acts as a sort of 'internal sunglasses,' that play a vital role in protecting the macula against the harmful effects of blue light, the largest dose of which usually comes from electronics such as smartphone, television and computer screens.

QuantifEye MPS II 250

The density of each person's macular pigment varies and has even been known to change over time in the same person based on age and dietary factors. Many clinical trials and studies have been conducted with a focus on the measurement of macular pigment and how macular pigment density may be connected to one’s risk of developing macular degeneration. In many of these trials, a link was found between a low macular pigment optical density (MPOD) and elevated risk for developing macular degeneration, while a high macular pigment optical density was linked not only to a reduction in one’s risk for macular degeneration but also to an improvement in overall visual performance. Benefits that are linked to a high MPOD are better contrast sensitivity, improved visual acuity and reduced glare.

In the past, many instruments have been used to measure MPOD, with varying levels of success and accuracy, but QuantifEye is the first of its kind to bring this increasingly important test to the wider public.

For information about this incredible new technology and the importance of MPOD, contact Dr. Susan Keene today.