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Puffy Eyes or Swollen Eyelids | Marion and Cedar Bluff, VA, and Bristol, TN

Many can tell how crying can cause puffy eyes or swelling around eyelids.

However, aside from excessive tearing or crying, puffy eyes can simply develop from eye allergies or even an eye infection. The information below can you understand how your swollen or puffy eyes occur from various triggers & the specific treatments used by your eye doctor.

The Process Behind Puffy Eyelids & Swelling

Swelling is quite common around the eyes due to the thin layer of skin surrounding your eyes. Sometimes, a foreign body like dust will enter the eye, triggering your eyes to produce a lot of tears. This reaction helps your eye cleans the ocular surface and adds further protection. Often, these tears are oil based as they are able to clean off the eye’s surface well. Plus, oily tears are consistently applied to the eye whenever you blink making them less in quantity and less noticeable.

On the other side, when someone cries, their eyes release watery based tears. These tears are less functional for cleaning, so their often less salty and greater in quantity. When watery tears travel across your face, they settle around saltier ocular tissues (often the eyelids.) This is also a form of osmosis.

Common Swelling Causes

Swelling around the eyes is known as edema or the accumulation of water in the skin. Common reasons that cause puffy eyelids:

  • Crying
  • High Salt Diet
  • Eye allergies (inflammation and tearing)
  • Sinus problems
  • Dehydration
  • Fatigue and/or sleep deprived
  • Stress or Anxiety
  • Aging
  • Inherited facial features

How Eye Allergies lead to Swelling

Eye allergies often create a similar situation, where a person will produce an excessive amount of tears similar to emotional tears. Although eye allergies can vary in the type of reaction, tearing up is a typical cause behind swelling. Less often, eye allergies can simply cause swelling from an allergic reaction as well. Referring to an eye doctor to help address your eye allergy and swelling will help you discover whether you require antihistamines or simply some guidance.

Below are some well known “do it yourself” solutions to reduce swelling:

  • Apply Cold Compresses
  • Apply Pieces of Cucumber or tea bags
  • Massage the fluid to stimulate blood flow
  • Eye Drops
  • Drink more water / Reduce salt in your diet
  • Use moisturizers & keep clean

Depending on prior medical history, medications, or post surgery may dictate which form of swelling you have and will likely require consulting your eye doctor for assistance.

Fortunately, most forms of swelling are temporary and harmless.

Do you experience swollen eyelids often? If you’re looking for an eye doctor to address swelling or other eye allergies, visit one of Envision Eye Care’s three convenient locations in Marion or Cedar Bluff, VA or Bristol, TN.

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