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Dr. Hurley Speaks About BluTech Lenses

Describe what Blutech lenses are used for. What are their benefits?

Blutech lenses are for those people, children, teens, and adults, that in their daily routines are using modern technologies (smart phones, tablets, flat screen tvs) for several hours throughout the day. These lenses are designed to reduce eye strain, eye fatigue and discomfort noticed throughout the day.  Blutech lenses offer protection from harmful blue light and ultraviolet light, enhance contrast and depth perception, and are impact resistant.  They also help increase night vision.

What type of technology are behind these new lenses?

Blutech lenses mimic natural lens yellow-brown pigments to filter high energy blue and ultraviolet wavelength.

Are there different types of Blutech lenses, and what are they used for?

There is an indoor lens and an outdoor lens.  The indoor lens is to protect and comfort our eyes from harsh blue light found in technologies and fluorescent lights. The outdoor lenses is to protect and comfort our eyes form UV and bluelight while outside.

What is it about this particular technology that you find most exciting; the reason why you now carry these lenses in your practice?

With technology on the rise and with public increase in technology, its great to be able to offer a product that keeps us healthy and more comfortable, as well as providing a new lens that is staying up to date with today’s modern wants.  We carry theses lenses to help increase awareness of the damage that blue light based computers, phones, tablets, tvs are causing and to help prevent future eye diseases such as macular degeneration.  It is also great to have an exciting option for people who truly experience the strain of all day computer work and make their work easier and more comfortable.

Can you describe the patient experience when wearing Blutech lenses that is different from other lenses.

I can, as I actually wear the lenses myself.  The first day I got my Blutech lenses, it was different. It did take my eyes a few hours to adjust to the color change essentially. After the first day though, I never pay attention to the warming tint that the lenses provide. My eyes feel much better at work. Computer screens are easier to look at and the brightness of the screen doesn’t affect me at all.  Driving at night, the lenses have calmed down the glare on headlights as well.  Patient experience is a quick adjustment, great comfort, and vision is overall better.  (on a side note, I don’t need glasses, but I wear these all the time)

Do you recommend Blutech lenses for all your patients, and if not, why not?

For the most part, YES!  If a patient uses anything as far as technology goes, I always talk to patients about them and tell them about my experience.


The only time I don’t is for very young children you do not need them yet or for older generations that never use a computer or smartphone, and never complain of glare or visual discomfort.  I do recommend though to cataract post-op patients to help with glare and brightness noticed after surgery.

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