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Daily Disposables

Contact lenses come in a variety of wearing schedules, but at our Virginia eye care clinic, Daily Disposable contact lenses are among the most popular choice.

Single-use contacts are recommended for patients with mild dry eye syndrome or allergies because they are less likely to develop a build-up of irritants, compared to contacts that are worn again and again. They are also ideal for occasional contact lens wearers.

Here are the several reasons why disposable contact lenses are gaining popularity:


Disposable contact lenses have a major advantage in that you do not have to worry about dirt, chemicals, or protein developing on the lens. In addition to what was mentioned above, patients who suffer from allergies or irritated eyes from contact lens solutions find the comfort of daily disposables to be superior to monthly lenses, especially since there is no need for contact lens solution.


Everybody loves the convenience of daily disposables. Put your new contact lenses in every morning, wear them throughout the day, and toss them out before sleeping. No care needed!


Recently, we have been able to reduce prices on a yearly supply of daily disposables. Don’t forget to factor in the amount you will save on contact lens solution (up to about $100 a year). In addition, many manufacturers offer rebates when you purchase a one year supply of contacts.


Eye infection rates are much lower among those who wear daily disposable contact lenses, compared to other kinds. This is primarily due to poor compliance and lens hygiene with other replacement options. Several patients who have switched over to daily contact lenses have seen great improvements in their eye hygiene. These lenses are wonderful for children and teens for this reason as well.

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In our clinic, we carry several brands. Want to know if daily disposable contact lenses are an option for you or a family member? Give our eye care office a call at 276-783-5157 for our Marion optometric office, 276-964-4171 for our Cedar Bluff eye doctor’s office or 423-968-3441 for our Bristol, TN office.