Are You Letting Your Benefits Go to Waste?

Getting the right eye care and eyewear isn’t just important — it can also be very affordable! Between resources like vision insurance and special savings accounts, you can save a lot on eye exams, glasses and contacts, and more. But there’s an important catch. Many of these benefits go away at the end of the year!

We don’t want your benefits to go to waste, not when you could get an annual eye exam or your next favorite pair of eyewear instead. That’s why we created this guide to walk you through the basics of these limited-time benefits, and help you put them towards your best possible vision!

Vision Insurance Benefits Refresh Annually

Vision insurance is different from health insurance in some important ways. While health insurance generally helps cover broader health issues such as eye disease treatment, vision insurance provides free or discounted routine and preventative services like eye exams and eyewear.

Vision insurance benefits generally come in once-per-year discounts — they can save you a lot, but you can’t save them up. That means that if you don’t get an annual eye exam or new pair of eyeglasses or contact lenses this year, those benefits are going to waste!

Every provider offers different benefits. Come in to Envision and we’ll help you make the most of yours!

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FSA Funds Can Expire at Year’s End

Many people use a flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA) to put money aside for medical expenses before taxes. You can spend these funds directly from the account on qualified health expenses.

While both accounts have a lot in common, such as the fact that they can be used on eye exams and eyewear, among other things, there’s an important difference: most HSA plans will roll funds over into the new year while your unspent FSA funds might expire on January 1st!

You put that money aside. We’ll make sure you spend it right!

Use Your Benefits at Envision Eye Care — Before It’s Too Late!

You shouldn’t risk letting your vision insurance benefits, FSA money, or any other limited-time resources expire. Use them on a comprehensive eye exam that keeps your eyes healthy, updated vision prescription to keep your eyesight clear, and frames that help you stay up to date with the latest styles!

At Envision Eye Care, we want to welcome you right in so we can bring you great vision today — and healthy eyes for the rest of your life. Between our truly comprehensive exams, fashionable eyeglasses collection, and contact lens expertise, there’s something here for everyone; we’ll make sure your whole health is taken care of, and you get the full southern comfort treatment every step of the way!