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If you’re above a certain age or have specific health issues, you may be facing age-related macular degeneration (AMD) — and we can help. At Envision Eye Care, we strive to provide a lifetime of clear vision: that’s why we offer personalized macular degeneration management and some of the region’s earliest AMD diagnoses using our AdaptDX technology.
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What is AMD?

Macular degeneration, or AMD, is a common eye disease, and the leading cause of significant vision loss in people over 65. It’s characterized by damage to the macula, a small area near the center of the retina that is responsible for sharp, central vision. AMD does not cause complete blindness, but losing your central vision can make it harder to complete everyday tasks like reading, driving, and holding conversations.

There are two types of AMD: dry and wet. With dry AMD, yellow deposits known as drusen form beneath the macula, which can cause it to deteriorate over time. Wet AMD, which is less common but more immediate and serious, occurs when excess or unhealthy blood vessels near the macula burst, damaging it and causing rapid vision loss. Both types are associated with aging, but eye injuries, other diseases, and certain demographics can increase the odds of AMD developing.

Symptoms of AMD

What are the Symptoms of AMD?

AMD is a progressive disease that gets worse over time. Most noticeable symptoms only occur once vision loss has started, so early detection is key to addressing AMD most effectively.

Common signs and symptoms of dry AMD include:

  • A decrease in night vision
  • A decrease in the intensity or brightness of colors
  • An increase in the haziness of overall vision

Common signs and symptoms of wet AMD include:

  • Straight lines appearing crooked or wavy
  • Larger areas of gray or black in the center of your vision
  • Difficulty seeing in low light
Symptoms of AMD

How is Macular Degeneration Diagnosed?

AMD can be difficult to self-diagnose because many of its symptoms aren’t noticeable until later in its progression, when vision changes are often irreversible. Its symptoms also overlap with other eye conditions, or even smoking, disrupted sleep, or stress. That’s why it’s important to undergo regular comprehensive eye exams, especially if you’re above 40 or have a family history of AMD.

At Envision Eye Care, we’ll closely examine your eyes to determine if you have macular degeneration, or if you’re at risk for AMD and would benefit from a preventative approach. Its progression can be slowed or halted with early diagnosis and personalized management!

Digital Eye Exam Machine

Detect AMD with a Digital Eye Exam

Envision Eye Care uses a wide variety of techniques to detect signs of AMD. In addition to inspecting for the presence of drusen, performing an OCT scan, or testing visual acuity — an already comprehensive screening — our team is proud to utilize the revolutionary AdaptDX.

AdaptDX is a special diagnostic tool that allows us to test a patient’s “dark adaptation”, or ability to adjust to changing light conditions — a reliable early indicator of macular degeneration — quickly and effectively. In the past, dark adaptation testing required roughly one hour of evaluation per eye! But by including AdaptDX as an essential part of your digital eye exam, Envision Eye Care can quickly understand your eye health and take immediate action towards getting ahead of AMD.

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How is AMD Treated?

While vision loss due to macular degeneration is permanent, there are several treatments available to slow the progression of vision loss and stop further damage to the macula. When you come to Envision Eye Care for AMD management, Dr. Keene and her team will evaluate your vision and progression of AMD and craft a personalized treatment plan that helps you make the most of your vision, often involving supplements and other ways to keep your eyes operating properly.

If your vision loss has already progressed, don’t stress: a number of devices are available to help you stay independent with AMD, such as magnifiers and telescopes that can enlarge images, allowing you to see things in more detail. Some vision aids can be applied to specialized glasses to help with driving, reading, or using a computer. We’ll sit with you to help you decide which vision solution is best suited for you and your lifestyle!


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