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In Abingdon, VA

At Envision Eye Care, our mission is to provide you with healthy eyes for a lifetime of great vision and eye health. We do this by giving you access to tools, resources, and expertise that you won’t find anywhere else. Our team considers your whole health, whether you’re visiting us for an eye examination, a vision prescription update, or a new pair of glasses. There’s something for every set of needs — and every budget — at Envision Eye Care in Abingdon.

Personalized Eye Care Treatment in Marion


In order to provide you with the best treatment possible, we believe that it’s essential that we personalize your care to your specific needs. Unlike other eye care practices that rush you through your appointment, we spend time getting to know you. After we learn more about your family health history, risk for disease, occupation, and lifestyle, we can better tailor our care to your specific needs.


Comprehensive Eye Examinations

Your eyes change over the years, and we’ve made it our mission to help you see clearly no matter your age or eye care needs. During a COMPREHENSIVE EYE EXAM, our Abingdon optometrists will evaluate the quality of your vision, assess your eye health, and update your prescription. If you use eyewear to correct your vision, your new prescription will make sure that your glasses or contacts give you great eyesight.
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Eye Disease Management & Treatment

Serious eye conditions often develop without displaying any symptoms until irreversible damage is done, but we’ll help you protect your eyes by catching these diseases early. During an eye exam, we’ll screen your eyes for conditions like GLAUCOMAAGE-RELATED MACULAR DEGENERATION (AMD)DRY EYE, and many other eye diseases. If we find cause for concern, we’ll construct a treatment plan specific to your case.
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An Extensive Selection of Eyeglasses

We know how important it is to make vision correction affordable, and that’s why we provide our patients with GLASSES OPTIONS for every budget. Our Abingdon opticians will guide you through our large collection of frames so that you can find the perfect shape, style, and color of frames to fit your fashion, budget, and vision needs.
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Contact Lenses for Hard-to-Fit Patients

Our optometrists take special care to precisely measure your eyes so that they can prescribe you with the best brand, style, and size of CONTACTS that will give you great vision and a comfortable fit. We specialize in providing contacts to hard-to-fit patients, so even patients who may not have been able to use contacts in the past can enjoy the convenience of contact lenses.
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At Envision Eye Care, we look forward to welcoming you to our Abingdon office from Ashleys, Meadowview, White Mill, Hansonville, Wyndale, and other surrounding communities.

We’re proud to work in Abingdon, where there’s plenty to do and see. Whether you’re enjoying some country, bluegrass, or folk music at The Crooked Road, browsing the galleries at William King Museum, or exploring Virginia Creeper Abingdon Terminus, we’ll ensure that you can enjoy it all with great vision and healthy eyes.